About Us

THE COMPANIONS OF CHRIST is a fraternal Order of persons called to preach the Gospel. The Order is chartered under the Canons of the Christian Communion International, but members may be from any expression of the Christian faith. Men and women, both lay and ordained may be a part of the Order. It is not necessary to renounce other previous affiliations to be a member of the Order.


Membership is by invitation only. Applicants may be nominated once a year at the meeting of the annual Chapter. Applicants must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Board of Elders. Membership must be renewed annually for a period of two years. After two years of membership, a three year membership may be granted upon request. After five years of membership, a permanent membership may be granted upon request. Members may resign at any time.

Holy Orders (Ordained Ministry)

Men and women called to preach the Gospel and in whom the call to ordained ministry has been discerned may pursue Holy Orders within the Order. Procedures for application, acceptance, and study will be in accordance with the Canons of the Christian Communion International.

Candidates for Holy Orders may affiliate with the order as postulant members. Postulant membership is subject to the same procedures as regular membership, specifically, it is by invitation only and upon unanimous vote of the Board of Elders, and must be renewed annually. Upon ordination, the postulant member becomes a regular member of the Companions and is subject to the membership procedures as described above.