The rule of life for the Companions of Christ is to live in simplicity, morality, and accountability, and to follow the teaching and example of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Companions may own personal property and earn money in support of themselves, their families, and other dependents, but they must always demonstrate their readiness to live in a spirit of simplicity and generosity. In all our dealings, whether material, emotional or spiritual, we vow to adhere to honorable and ethical principles. We realize that how we live our lives and conduct our affairs reflect on the Gospel. In all of this we wish to be a good witness to a world permeated by deception and duplicity. The ethical standard that we all will adopt is best expressed in Matthew 22:39 where Jesus tells his followers to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Members of the Order will commit to the tithe as an ethical and biblical principle. We will also give offerings as we are led by the Holy Spirit.


For the Companions, whether married, unmarried, or celibate, the pledge of morality means purity of conduct and intention as well as a commitment of love to others. The emotions and intimacy of sexual relations are expressed only in married life between a man and woman; a limitation that sets us all free to love many people with openness and generosity.


Members of the Order will live a life in which we are accountable to one another in love. No member will ever use a position of authority as an instrument of oppression or to take advantage of another in any way. Those in authority will accept the responsibility to lead, instruct, and protect. A position of authority is a call to service rather than an opportunity for personal aggrandizement. Members should beware that they do not slander or engage in disputes, nor should they quarrel among themselves or with others, but rather respond in all humility. They should love one another and express that love by their deeds.