The Discipline

Inward Disciplines


Meditation is deep reflection upon sacred matters and particularly the Holy Scriptures as a devotional act. It is nurtured in an environment of silence and stillness before the Lord. This discipline, as well as the practice of contemplative prayer is encouraged in each member. A daily time of meditation is to be observed. Further, each member is encouraged to spend time in silent contemplation at the end of each Daily Office.


The early Christian community was characterized as remaining faithful to the teaching of the apostles, to the brotherhood, to the breading of bread, and to the prayers. The Companions of Christ must persevere in prayer. A part of the daily discipline of prayer will include the Daily Prayer Office, including both Morning and Evening Prayer. The Saint Cuthbert Prayer Book, produced by the Diocese of Saint Cuthbert is recommended as a resource for the Daily Prayer Office.

The Companions of Christ seeks to foster intercession for each other among its members. As stated in the purpose, there is a responsibility to pray for each other, and especially in times of need. Each member will pray for every other member on a daily basis, with special attention given to those needs which have been made known to him/her personally, or the membership in general.


Fasting is of benefit to the body and the spirit. There may be times of corporate fasting, called by the Elders, for various reasons and in various seasons of the year. Each member will also fast at least on meal a week and use the time for intercession and meditation.


The members of the Companions of Christ commit themselves to the study of scripture. Holy Scripture contains all things necessary to salvation, so that whatever is not read within Scripture or cannot be proved by Scripture, is not to be required of any man. The members will prepare themselves to proclaim and defend the Word of God. They will do this by reading, contemplating, discussing, and teaching those things that are for the edification, enlightenment and health of the membership. The Order places a high premium on education in preparing all persons to better know and serve the Lord. There is a commitment to ongoing education by the Order in order to better equip the members to carry out their calling as preachers of the Gospel. The daily life of each Companion is to include a time dedicated to the systematic study of the Holy Scriptures.

Outward Disciplines


Each member of the Companions of Christ will take part in a corporate worship service at least once a week. There is no restriction with regard to the stream of Christianity in which this takes place. It is imperative, however, that unless extreme circumstance prohibit, that this be in a corporate setting.

Additionally each member will receive the Lord’s Supper once a week. This may be in the context of the corporate worship service where all you attend may receive, or privately if this is not available. If the member is a lay person, they should receive Communion from one who is an ordained minister.


The Companions of Christ is a preaching order, and dedicates itself to preaching the Gospel, and proclaiming salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. The members will prepare themselves, according to their gifting, to carry out the Great Commission.


The Chapter is the meeting of the members of the Companions of Christ for celebration and discussion of the life and business of the order. It has no legislative powers, but the Council of Elders shall consider its recommendations and suggestions. All members are encouraged to attend the Chapter, in order that they may gain insight in the needs and concerns of the Order, and that others may benefit from their ministration.

There will be an regular Annual Chapter each year. The Council of Elders may initiate a Chapter at any time if the need arises.